Day Trip, Saturday, April 19, 2003

Steve and I headed east of the Cascades in search of some fresh air and dry weather. Our first stop was the road approaching the lookout tower on Red Top, about halfway between Wenatchee and Ellensburg on Highway 97. According to the Best Short Hikes book, this is a summer hike, and indeed we had to turn around about five miles from the start of the trail due to snow on the road. (Other cars could have continued - and obviously had - but neither I nor my car were up to it.) We got a few photos of the lookout tower from the road.

So we continued north to Peshatin Pinnacles State Park. When we arrived, we decided we didn't feel compelled for the scramble on the rocks there, so contented ourselves with a few photos of the pinnacles and trees in the nearby fields, and headed west to the Tumwater Pipeline Trail. This one we actually ventured, hiking the approximately one mile long trail to its end, then back. There are good views of Castle Rock north of the trail, apparently a popular practice target for climbers.

Red Top

Peshatin Pinnacles

Tumwater Pipeline Trail