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2003-11-22 to 2004-01-10: Extended visit to Alabama.
Attempt at Christmas card photo Chez Abernathy (front porch)

2003-11-02: Poulsbo waterfront.

2003-10-25: Visiting Yosemite again.
Photo by Brian C

2003-10-18: Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula.

2003-10-04: Day trip to the Green River. (Not many photos.)
Photo by Cheryl M

2003-10-28 to 10-29: Brian and I represented Omni at the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference in Santa Clara, California (ongoing coverage here). Omni picked up first place in the Mac OS X Innovators contest for OmniOutliner. We had to fly back Wednesday night, but we had a lot of fun and we met a lot of cool people despite being so busy at the exhibit booth most of the time that we couldn't get away much to mingle. O'Reilly continues to do a lot for our community, and we really appreciate it.

We were interviewed Wednesday evening by Scott Sheppard for Inside Mac Radio, and the mp3 of that interview is available online at http://www.osxfaq.com/radio/oreilly/orl3.html.

2003-09-28: Coastal day trip on Chuckanut Drive

2003-09-27: Day trip to Orcas Island.

2003-09-19 to 21: Weekend at Quilcene Bay.

2003-09-14: Day trip to Red Top Mountain

2003-08-24: Molly and Pat's Wedding

2003-08-16: Tom and Elle's Wedding

2003-08-02 and 03: The Blue Angels perform at Seafair

2003-07-20 to 07-27: Gabriel comes to visit (also Iain and Elaine)

2003-06 and 07: 2003 WWDC Road Trip with Steve. California coast, Yosemite, Mono Lake, Bodie, Crater Lake, Silver Falls, more.

2003-06-07: Day trip to the beach

2003-05-11: Day trip to Columbia National Wildlife Refuge

2003-05-03: Boating season officially opens

2003-04-19: Day trip east of the Cascades

2003-04-06: Skagit Valley Tulip festival

2003-03-26: Sonics vs Wizards (M.J.'s last game in Seattle)

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Andrew Abernathy