The Beach, Saturday, June 7, 2003

The warm (even hot) weather we've been experiencing prompted a day trip to the coast. Cheryl, Ananta and I headed down to Olympia, west to Aberdeen, then northwest to Pacific beach. The skies were clear and the temperatures warm - right up until we reached the coast. There it was cloudy and cool, with mist coming in off the water. After a bit of exploration and lunch, we headed north in search of clearer skies and hopefully correspondingly warmer temperatures (having been told by someone else at the beach that they had come from the south and it was worse there). At Moclips things were a bit better, so we parked and wandered north along the beach. Slowly, the skies and the mist largely cleared, though it appeared to be mostly just in our general area - north and south still looked misty. Rising winds pummelling us with sand eventually chased us back to the car. We then drove north along the coast until the road ended, just to explore, then south to Ocean Shores, where we enjoyed a good dinner at an Irish pub. As it grew dark, we headed back to Seattle.