Orcas Island, September 27, 2003

One last day trip with Steve before he moves back to Canada. We left Seattle way early (for us) in order to catch a morning ferry to Orcas Island. Unfortunately, I misread the ferry schedule, and the ferry we showed up for didn't go to Orcas. So we wandered around the ferry terminal at Anacortes for an extra hour and a half before the next ferry. On the plus side, we saw orca whales on the ferry trip, and I bet those people on the earlier ferry didn't see anything.

Once on Orcas, we hit Eastsound for groceries, then North Beach (teeny-tiny public portion, but nice view) by the airport, where we ate lunch and provided mild entertainment for a couple of dogs hanging around. Then up Mount Constitution in Moran State Park. Nice views but hazy, as usual. Then miscellaneous exploration of the eastern side of the island. At Olga, we walked out on the long pier, saw a heron (I think it was a heron, but what do I know?), and had a close encounter with a few deer (I'm quite sure they were deer) who were munching on some tree limbs that had been cut down and left on the street corner. We also visited Doe Bay, sitting out in the sun with a beautiful view. We then hit the beach at Eastsound and then West Beach, another tiny public beach, before heading to Deer Harbor - it's quite a pleasant drive out to Deer Harbor, partly inland and partly running along the shore. Finally, back to the ferry terminal shortly after sunset, where we grabbed some food before catching a ferry back to Anacortes.

andrew abernathy