Alabama Visit - Nov 22, 2003 to Jan 10, 2004

The Abernathy Thanksgiving at Shane and Leanne's place. Just a handful of photos, I'm afraid, largely because it was pretty overcast and a bit rainy.

Susan Eric Leanne and Shane, Chris, Ralph
XXX Scott and Christa Eric and Betty
Megan, Eric, Christa, Scott Cecil, Maxine, Megan, Ken, Susan, Ada, Eric

And a few more photos that Susan took and sent to me, so I get to be in some photos. The first photo shows, from left to right, Scott, Ada, Eric and me. The second shows Eric, myself and Chris. The third shows Chris, Alice, me, Les, mom and Dad.

Scott, Ada, Eric, me Eric, me, Chris Chris, Alice, me, Les, mom, dad

andrew abernathy