England and Scotland, May 2005 : Day 11
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Day 11, Sunday: This was my last full day in Fort Augustus. In the morning I moved into The Shieling, Les & Judy's place, and we cleaned up Crianlarich in preparation for the family renting it for the week, who were arriving later that day. After that, Les, Judy, Nan and I all bundled into the car for a drive around nearby Loch Garry, Loch Loyne, and Glenmoriston. We took a picnic lunch, but it turned out to be pretty cold and we opted for hot food when we found a viewpoint over Loch Loyne tended by a food vendor.

We also stopped and took a short walk to see a small spot where there wasn't any grass. Yes, I understand, but supposedly the reason there is no grass on that one small spot with grass all around, is that it is the footprint of someone; I forget who, but I believe a religious figure. I can not vouch for the authenticity of the footprint.

Les & Judy, and Loch Garry

Nan, Les & Judy

Les, Nan, Judy, Me

Mountains behind Loch Loyne

Loch Loyne


"Footprint" where no grass grows

Judy checks the size of the footprint
(but doesn't actually touch it!)

Les, Judy & Nan



Also Les





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