Sumatanga Elementary Camp V, July 1985

This was my second week as a counselor at Sumatanga. This year had many of the same counselors and staff as camp V the previous year. I don't seem to have any photos of my own from this camp, but Scott Minter found a few photos that appear to be from this week at camp, and I've posted them below. (I can't definitively say that they are from camp V, 1985 - that's the only week that I went to which everyone in these photos was also at, but there's no guarantee that all of these photos are even from the same camp.) I do have the camp directory, which I have also posted below. I've put an asterisk beside the campers that were in my group, but my notes are confused and incomplete, and I don't know who my co-counselor was. Unfortunately, it's a pretty bad copy and I couldn't make out all the names, so there may well be some misspelled names below - I marked the ones I was most unsure about with a question mark. Apologies if I typed in anyone's name incorrectly or accidentally missed any names.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone from camp. And if you have any photos from this camp, I would be interested in possibly posting copies on this page. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

Buzz Barrett
Billy Reaves

Program Directors
Carroll Barrett
Bain Brown
Melinda Reaves
Tom Berry (?)
Dennis Poss

Elementary Staff
Earl Freeman
Beth Golson (Beth McGlaughn)
Missy Scott
Billy Tapscott

Andrew Abernathy
Chris Abernathy
Lyric Adamson
Michelle Archer
Bonnie Barrett
Janna Barrett
Paul Boyer
Susan Brown
Melissa Burke
Alison Busler
Jimbo Cosper
Todd Cosper
Philip Crane
Sharon Glen ("Ewok")
Tandi Glenn
Karin Gordon
Carol Gowens
Missi Hitt
Nancy Howle
Walter Jones
Grady Lacher
Mark Luther
Dennis Maltbie (Maltby?)
Bryan McNeely
Tommy McNeely
Chad Minter
Scott Minter
Debra Mize
Lisa Pardee
Christy Prestridge
Amanda Ray
Rhonda Rhinehart
Jennifer Shaddix
Jimmy Sheetz
Danny Smith
Mike Souders
Kendrick Wells (?)
Clay Arnold (*)
Winston Baccus
Jeremy Beason
Stephen Beason
Luke Bentley
Gus Bolan
David Bosworth
Eric Brown
Heath Brown
Jerrod Brown
Cage Bullard
Heath Bullard
William Burdette
Adam Butler
Mikie Currier
Rob Fikes
Virgil Fowler
Leonard Fox
Garon Galloway
Ritchie Greene
Wade Griffith
Charlie Grimmitt
Ged Grimmett
Mark Hamby
Robbie Harris
Jack Hemby
John Hicks
Nathan Hiles
Cary Hill
Brandon Holcomb
Evan Horton
Richard Iverson
Daniel Johnson
Clay Keith
Kevin Koch
Daniel Krueger
Fred Major
Charles Mann
Brian Marbut
Lawrence McAdams
Will McClung
Christopher McConville
Gavin McNeely
Kirk Mills
William David Monfore
Jason Pemberton
Will Powell
Jarrod Russell
Cliff Seahorn
Scott Stagg
Danny Suski
Bryan Taliaferro
Dan Talley (?)
Emmanuel Toodle
Brian Toodle
Andy Tucker
Scott Tyra
Josh VanZandt
Casey Veal (*)
Kris Wadkins (*)
Christopher Williams (*)
Patrick Yancey (?)
Jody Garrett
Jenny Adams
Ann Blankinship
Christy Bolton
Kristie Bridges
Stacy Brooks
Lisha Brower
Katie Burrown
Brande Carden
Amy Cole
Audrey Dodd
Amy Elizabeth Donaldson
Jennifer Lee Donaldson
Reynolds Edwards
Yuri Englebert
Vanessa Engle
Kathy Faulkner
Mary Fite
Ann Ford
Sara Fowler
Gene Frederick
Krista Garris
Christy Hallman
Amy Hamilton
Mandi Harris
Stacey Harris
Sarah Hiles
Angela Hodge
Lesley Holcomb
Jennifer Hollis
Christy Johnson
Kelly Johnson (*)
Elizabeth Kelly
Robyn King
Amanda Koch (*)
Jenny Larkin (*)
Anna Lee
Georgia McAdams
Amanda Meadors
Holly Miles
Jill Minton
Christy Nivens (*)
Katy Phillips
Lang Propst
Andrea Pullen
Dara Richey
Catherine Rogers
Jennifer Satterwhite
Elizabeth Sledge
Elizabeth Starling
Christie Sullins
Cathy Veitch
Jennifer Veitch
Bridgette Walker
Shelley Wicks
Michelle Williams (*)
Renee Woods

andrew abernathy