Sumatanga Elementary Camp VI, July 1985

At the end of camp V, several of the counselors were asked to come back for camp VI, which was short on counselors. I was fortunately one of those asked, and I jumped at the opportunity. There were three of us from our church who came back for camp VI: myself, my brother Chris and our friend Karin. Since camp V ended Saturday morning, and the counselors and camp staff started preparing for camp VII on Saturday afternoon, Karin's unbelievably generous mom (who has always been great to me and contributed mightily to one of my most memorable Halloweens) came to camp, picked up and dealt with our laundry, and delivered it back to us (along with some much desired snacks). Susan - we love you! Thank you very much! The main reason why I remember that this happened this year of camp was that at some point Saturday or Sunday evening, Karin and I were sitting in her mom's car listening to music (which we had been without for a week) and Dire Straits' Money For Nothing came on the radio. It was brand new, we had never heard it before, and we both thought it was a great song. (As it turns out, lots of other people agreed.) I looked it up, and that song came out in 1985.

My co-counselor was Angela Green. I've marked the campers in our group with an asterisk. The camp directory didn't specify the camp directors and program directors separately, but I'm almost positive one of the camp directors was Rick Owen, and I think Roger Short was the other director. The directory also didn't split up the campers or counselors by group, and I don't have any other notes on who was in what group. Also, a lot of one edge was clipped off the camp directory copy, so I had to guess at a lot of the campers' first names; apologies for any I got wrong, any typos, and anyone I inadvertantly missed while typing this in - please send me any corrections. I put a question mark by the ones I felt especially unsure about, which was quite a lot of them. I don't think I have any photos from this week at camp, but if I ever find any I'll post them on this page.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone from camp. And if you have any photos from this camp, I would be interested in possibly posting copies on this page. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

Directors and Program Directors
Rick Owen
Roger Short
Bain Brown
Melinda Reaves
Lisa Zirkelbach

Elementary Staff
Earl Freeman
Beth Golson (Beth McGlaughn)
Missy Scott
Billy Tapscott

Andrew Abernathy
Chris Abernathy
Bonnie Barrett
Janna Barrett
Steve Blackwell
Lester Cornelius
Phillip Crane (Philip?)
Scott Crowley
Bill Ferry
Louanne Ferry
Rachel Gaddy
Ramona Gaddy
Tandi Glenn
Karin Gordon
Angela Green
Jamey Guthrie
Perry Humphries
Julie Johnson
Linda Latta
Mike Levering
Elizabeth Middlebrooks
Chad Minter
Scott Minter
Rebecca Roberts
Brenda Sanderson
Brad Smith
Kristi Stroud
Sean White
Ronnie Welsh
Kelly Wilson
Alex Albers
Craig Alverson
Bud Alverson (?)
Patrick Bailey
Bill Barkley
Jake Barrett
Ty Batchelor (?)
Daniel Balk
Brian Brantley
Jason Brown
Russell Cross
Stacey Crowden
Kyle Defoor (?)
James Dinsmore
Richard Finch
Jason Gattis
Glenn Glass
?.B. Greene (?)
Jon Hill (?)
Andy Israel (*)
Ryan Jenkins
Scott Kilgore (*)
Tim Kolankiewicz
Chris Leggett
Brian Lewis
Barry Lowe (?)
Daniel McAfee
John McKerley
Jason Mitcham
Matthew Morris
Derek Osborn
?ells Parker (?)
Lee Patterson (?)
Andy Perkins
Rob Perkins (?)
Chris Pickens
Braxton Reese (?)
Joel Riddle (?)
Riley Roby (*)
Marc Scroggin
Scott Lamar Settle
John Shepherd
Jason Sherk
Jonathan Sides
?astin Skelton (?)
?ohm Stockman
Joseph Thomas
Chris Vincent
John Walker
Ryan Waters
Bill Weaver (?)
Brett White (?)
Kevin Wilson
Walker Wilson (?)
Nathan Ziegenhein (?)
Ginny Anders
Christy Ayers
Julie Barber
Joy Barnes
Terrie Beecham (?)
Melissa Boren
Barbara Boston
Laurie Bovard
Megan Bradford (?)
Sherie Lee Brennan
Ashley Brigham
Christi Brown
Staci Brown
Christina Burwell
Jodie Carmichael
Meredith Christian
Lori Cole (?)
Audra Cornelius
Ashley Cox
Kathryn Cox
Juli Crew (?)
Lee Ann Dawkins
Katie Crumbly
Liz Fuller
Laura Gautney
Jennifer Grill
Jennifer Hamilton
Carrie Harding (?)
Karen Hicks
Virginia Holbrook
Marlo Johnson (?)
Libby Kesting (?)
Nikki Kilbourn (?)
Shelley Knox
Kim Lansdell
Angela Lee
Christina Leles
Brooke Loveman (?)
Alice Lowery
??yna McCormick (?)
Amy McKay (?)
Angela Meadows
Mandy Morgan (?)
Ashley Morgan (?)
Kim Nabors
Stephanie Noland
Claire Nolan (?)
Sally Page (?)
Crystal Pickett
Shannon Price
??yke Reed (?)
Maggie Richter
Kim Robison (?)
Amy Smith (?)
Angela Sockwell
Paige Spiller
Toni Stinoon (?)
Amy Swindle (?)
Courtney Tomlin (*)
Holly Weaver (*)
Stacy Weygand
Jickel Williams (?)
Holly Wilson (?)
Trisha Wilson
Amy Witter (*)
Amy Woodward (*)
Em Young (?)

andrew abernathy