Sumatanga Elementary Camp VI, July 20-27, 1991

Here are photos from Sumatanga elementary camp VI in 1991, July 22-27 (counselors/staff arriving Saturday the 20th). This was my last-ever camp at Sumatanga. I've included the camp directory below the photos (names in parenthesis are married names). Unfortunately, the directory didn't split up the kids by group. I failed to make note of which kids were in my group, nor did I ever label my photos, and at this point I can only positively identify a few. If you can ID any of these photos, please email me at the address at the bottom of this page.

Many thanks to Melony Ford (AKA Melony Cook, my co-counselor this week) for contributing scans of her photos. I'd love to hear from anyone from camp, and see any photos you have from this camp (or any other camp I was at), and maybe even post some of them here.

W.L. Garrett
Allison Cone

Program Directors
Todd Henderson
Pam Gilliland (Pam Weaver)
Allan Robertson

Elementary Staff
Allison Cone
Brian Dudgeon
Amy Ferguson
Tynley Formby (Tynley Baker)

AAndrew Abernathy
Melony Cook (Melony Ford)
BLaura Pounders
Natasha Cummings
CRebekah Tatum
John Hargrove
DTaylor Henderson
Dana Clem (Dana Schrimsher)
EBrooke Talley
Amy Reyer (Amy Donaldson)
FSherie Cothren (Sherie Prier)
Mary Eslick
GSteve Clark
Sarah Pounders
HJanna Barrett
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Barrow
Kim Bell
Kathryn Berry
Elizabeth Bowen
Andrea Laine Brazeal
Amy Elizabeth Brown
Ashley Elizabeth Carlisle
Kathryn Y. Elmore
Rebecca Collin Ferguson
Mary Ellen Green
Jade Cassidy Hall
Bonnie L. Hamiter
Jessica Ann Hancock
Heather Renee Harper
Lindsay Hartsfield
Rachel Leigh Hudson
Karen Lynn Johnson
Wendy Elizabeth Kennedy
Alleson Faye Lawless
Sara Beth McGuire
Laura Ann McKinney
Jan Marie Miller
Caroline Newman
Katie Lynn Nobles
Shannon O'Brien
Jennifer Posey
Kathryn Potts
Kristin Gail Robinson
Katie Rogers
Shellie Nicole Smith
Brett Asher Vaughan
Stacy Lynn Williams
Jenny Willoughby
David Scott Bell
Reid T. Boggus (sp?) (A)
Dee Bush
Tony Cameron
Stephen Carl Davis
John Bryan Dedeaux
Taylor Paul Dixon
Charles Griffith Durham
Johnathan Bradley Dutton
David Ellis
Jamie Fassina
Eric Griffin
Charles Andrew Hartley, Jr.
Thomas Johnson
Chad L'Eplattenier (sp?)
Bryant Douglas Mayfield
Matthew Metnestsky
Donald Ray Mitchell
Kevin Montgomery
Ryan Ellis Mulkey
Jeremy Ross Owen
Eric Pointer
Jamal Pointer
Lass Pointer
Matthew Keith Ransden
Adam Reach
Johnathan A. Reynolds
Dustin A. Roquemore
Hunter Ryan
Nicholas Grant Simmons
Michael Lee Spradling
Jeffery Stack
Christopher Lee Willis

andrew abernathy