WWDC Road Trip, June/July 2003

Steve and I took a road trip around WWDC again this year, putting a little over 3000 miles on the car. We spent most of the southbound trip exploring the northern California coast. After the conference we headed over to Yosemite, as we did last year, and spent around three days there. Then over Tioga Pass to Mono Lake and Bodie, and then we headed back north, hitting Lassen Volcanic National Park, Crater Lake (another stop we also hit last year), Silver Creek State Park with a host of waterfalls, and even Mt. Rainier.

I took tons of photos so I'm splitting them up into multiple pages, and just putting a small selection on this page. Hit the links below for lots more photos.

Part I:The Road South
Part II:Yosemite
Part III:The Road North