Alabama Visit - Nov 22, 2003 to Jan 10, 2004

I worked out of my parents' place in Alabama from late November to early January, taking vacation during the Thanksgiving week. This gave me some time to visit with my parents and one of my brothers, as well as some friends and relatives in the area. Since I was working most of the time, I didn't get to do a lot of visiting (and the weather was cold most of the time anyway), but I did manage to spend at least a couple of hours with many of the people I was hoping to visit. For the first part of that period, my uncle Les from Scotland was visiting as well, so I got to see him also. We had a big, family Thanksgiving at Shane's, then a small Christmas dinner at Chris'. Dad and Les and I went trudging around on Coldwater mountain one day, where I had been so many times as a child. I drove around a couple of days taking photos of a few of the old, weathered buildings that are scattered around the area; unfortunately I apparently wasn't careful enough because I lost some of those photos. I visited friends in the Atlanta, GA area one weekend before Christmas, and friends and relatives in the Newnan, GA area my last weekend there. And I got to meet some friends from the church I attended back in the day, people I haven't seen in a long time; it was really good to see them again.

Below are some highlights from my trip. Some people aren't represented here because I failed to get a photo of them (or failed to get an in-focus photo, in many cases), and many aren't shown below due simply to the fact that the page was getting too big. I've put these and more photos on separate pages, so if you don't see someone you're looking for, try the other pages.

Click on any thumbnail photo to see a larger version. I have all the original, full-size digital images as well, but the files are too large to store many on the server. If you see any photos you want, let me know.

If I have a photo of you on one of these pages and you want me to take it down, just let me know. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

Attempt at Christmas card photo Dad out in back yard Darren
Calico close up Karin and her dog Stella Alaina
Chris at Christmas (closeup) Chez Abernathy (front porch) Goldfinches on feeder in back yard Les on Coldwater mountain
Old barn and farm building Old house and tree
Noccalula Falls Noccalula statue Just down river of Noccalula Falls Trunk rising out of lake by Eric's
Megan, Eric, Christa, Scott Cecil, Maxine, Megan, Ken, Susan, Ada (due to give birth soon), Eric Eric
Dad on Coldwater mountain Sunset from the plane on the flight from Seattle Karin and her dog Stella
Scott and Christa XXX Eric and Betty Eric and Grayson
John, Karren, Jake, Lauren Maxine and Megan Bert, Pam and Max

andrew abernathy