Alabama Visit - Nov 22, 2003 to Jan 10, 2004

Jeff and some cool artwork in his place.
Jeff Painting at Jeff's

John, Karren, and their kids Jake and Lauren. (And Kris, fencing.)
Lauren John
Lauren John, Karren, Jake, Lauren Lauren
Jake Jake Jake and Kris fencing; Lauren

Bert, Pam and their new son Max. (As you can see, I'm great with babies.)

Pam and Max Bert, Pam and Max Max and Bert
Pam, Bert and Max Bert, Pam and Max
Me and Max

Karin and her dog Stella.
Karin and Stella on Ft McClellan Karin and Stella by gate at Karin's Karin and Stella at Karin's
Karin and Stella Karin and Stella
Stella Stella

Aunt Maxine, Uncle Cecil and their dog Duke.
Maxine Cecil
Duke Duke

Cousin Susan, her husband Ken and their daughter Megan (and Maxine again).
Susan Ken
Megan Maxine and Megan

Cousin Eric, his wife Ada and their new son, Grayson.
Ada and Grayson Eric and Grayson
Eric out on the boat

andrew abernathy